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The Catlins

When you think about New Zealand or read about it, The Catlins is not an area that readily comes to mind.  In fact, I had not heard of it until my started performing some serious travel research.  However, The Catlins is an area of New Zealand, on the far south end of the South Island, with the only further south being Stewart Island and some smaller, outlying islands.  Compared with many of the more popular areas in New Zealand, The Catlins are extremely accessible, easy to get around, pleasant, easy hikes/tramps, scenic – just all-around pleasurable!



This page highlights several galleries from my time in The Catlins, ranging from Slope Point, the furthest south point on the South Island, to Nugget Point and its lighthouse, to Waipapa Point, Curio Bay, and other places.  As always, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation is an excellent place to start your research and discoveries!!!



As always, I recommend watching these galleries on a full screen!



Catlins I

Catlins II

Catlins III


Catlins IV