Category: Invercargill

  • Tuatara


    Kia ora, Mates!     There are many, many unique and wonderful things that you’ll find in New Zealand.  Wonderful people… Wonderful scenery… Wonderful lifestyle…    One of New Zealand’s many unique animals are the Tuataras (OK, and the kiwis, too). Tuataras are endemic to New Zealand and only New Zealand. Tuataras are called “living…

  • Purakaunui Bay


    In late January, I was able to dash over to The Catlins for part of a day to a place that I hadn’t yet visited – Purakaunui Bay, which is just downstream from Purakaunui Falls. I love to look at topographical maps, Google Earth and any resource like that where I can get a bit…

  • Invercargill


    I’ve been wanting to write this post for several months.  But, being the photographer, I also wanted some nice photos to go along with my story. Which brings me to the first piece of the story – Invercargill’s weather.     I do have to write that the weather the past six weeks or so…

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