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Aerial Wisconsin Autumn

One of the things to which I’ve been looking forward this autumn is a view from above of southern Wisconsin and especially the Baraboo Hills. I absolutely love getting out in the fall to walk through the colorful prairies and forests around here and take in the many beautiful sights. There are so many quiet and entreating locations in the Baraboo Hills – Parfrey’s Glen; Devil’s Lake State Park; Gibraltar Rock; Honey Creek State Natural Area; Baxter Hollow; and a whole host of others.

Rather than write a whole lot on the subject, I’ll just let the photographs do the talking.  This collection was taken earlier this week, close to the peak of our fall colors. I was able to fly over Epic Systems and Madison for a few minutes before heading to the Baraboo Hills and back.

Enjoy the show! Remember, you may “click” on the slideshow to view it full screen.

N914VX, signing off!




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Door County Flight

[landscapephotograph description=”Cave Point” photoname=”Cave Point” photo=”” photourl=””][/landscapephotograph]

I don’t intend to write a lot in this piece, as a picture is worth a thousand words.  As I’ve been “spreading my wings” these past few weeks, I’ve been taking longer and longer flights – weather permitting. One of the places over to which I’ve wanted to fly is Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is a very scenic place from the ground, but it’s even more spectacular from the air.

I have so many pictures I got a few ones as gifts where I got the portrait from photo to a oil painting, an amazing gift for anyone, totally recommended !

Without further adieu, here’s a link to the photo slide show that I’ve created, followed by a video tour. During the video capture, my GoPro decided to turn itself off while I was approaching one of my favorite locations in Door County – Cave Point County Park – so there’s a “hole” in the video that I really wanted to create. And, the battery in the GoPro was exhausted just after leaving the “tip” of Door County. Also, in various portions of the video, I’ve “sped up” the video to move through it all faster – and so the flight looks a bit rougher than in reality.


N914VX, signing off!

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