Category: Dunedin

  • St. Clair Beach


    [landscapephotograph description=”St. Clair Beach” photoname=”St. Clair Beach” photo=”” photourl=”″][/landscapephotograph] This post is a different from what I’ve been doing… In March, 2013, we spent a long weekend around Dunedin, which is one of our favorite cities in New Zealand. Dunedin is a city by the sea that’s built on the hills. We had been to…

  • Moeraki Boulders


    [landscapephotograph description=”Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand” photoname=”Moeraki Boulders” photo=”” photourl=””][/landscapephotograph]     It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a month since my last post.  Time flies when you’re having fun in Australia.     On the big trip around New Zealand in January, one of our first significant stops were the famous Moeraki Boulders,…

  • Otago


    A few weeks ago, we finally made it to the nearest big city of Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula.  As usual, the weather was alternately windy, sunny, rainy and grey.  We had been looking forward to visiting Dunedin as it was our first choice of a place to temporarily live in New Zealand, based on…

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