About Tim!

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About Tim, where to begin…


At heart, I’m landscape and nature photographer. I’ve been shooting for about thirty years, first as a passionate amateur and now as a passionate professional. When I was young, my interests were in nature and music. As I matured, I realized I wasn’t a great musician, so I followed my interests in natural sciences. While in college, my parents gave me one of the first point-and-shoot film cameras for a Christmas present, and I was enthralled! I spent a lot of my free time with that camera, pushing it to its limits and learning about the artistic and technical aspects of photography. Photography has allowed me to express my artistic feelings that I couldn’t do as well through music.


Like some professional photographers, I spent several years in another career/profession (environmental scientist) before I made the switch to being a professional photographer – and I LOVE IT! It is tremendously satisfying/gratifying to invest my life doing what I enjoy. While my initial photographic learning came through my nature and landscape photography, I’ve spent the majority of my learning efforts over the past several years on portraiture and weddings photography. One of my many lessons is that my outdoor photography advises my indoor photography and vice versa. I’ve learned (and have more to learn) so much about light and color over the past few years, and how to best manage them for excellent results.


So, that’s me and my story in a nutshell – what’s your story? What’s your passion?!?


You also may find my work on  WisconsinMade, IlluminataPhoto on Zenfolio, and through my Photoshelter website and several other stock photography sites.


My camera, my creativity; your memories, your emotions…