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  • Patagonia


    [landscapephotograph description=”Sunset, Torres del Paine over Rio Serrano” photoname=”Torres del Paine” photo=”” photourl=””][/landscapephotograph]       TRAVELOGUE   GALLERY     TRAVELOGUE There are a few scenic locales on our travel bucket list, but we crossed one off a few months ago – Patagonia. If you enjoy travel to beautiful mountains, then the mountains of…

  • The Wave


    [landscapephotograph description=”Panoramic view of The Wave in all its glory!” photoname=”The Wave” photo=”” photourl=”″][/landscapephotograph]     I’ve always been interested in science and the natural world, as well as reading. One day, likely in the mid-1970s, I opened a book and found a photograph of this amazing geological formation somewhere in the American southwest. I…

  • Tutorial: How to Create a Digital Panoramic Photograph (Part II of III)


    In Part I of this Tutorial, I explored and explained how I create beautiful panoramic photographs with my camera – lenses, overlapping, compensating for movement and such. While the first part focuses on the mechanical and optical aspects of the camera and the shooting process, this second part addresses how I manage my individual frames…

  • Tutorial: How to Create a Digital Panoramic Photograph (Part I of III)


        Panoramic photographs are my favorite way of expressing my photographic vision because this is how I tend to see the world – in these long, horizontal panoramic strips of scenery. There are so many places that I visit where I have a broad vista in front of me and there’s no way to…

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