Sierra Nevadas/Yosemite 2010


As a nature and landscape photographer, I sincerely enjoy traveling and photographing most anyplace I can go – and, the wilder the better for me.  This page is the jumping off point for you to consider discovering parts of the world that I like to explore – from my own backyard to the Grand Canyon and Europe.


If there’s a particular place that you feel that I should visit, please contact me and let me know!  I’m always looking for new ideas, opportunities, beauty, drama and expression.


I’ve listed a few of my galleries below, and all of them are available through the “Places” tab and drop-down menu above.  When you view one of the galleries, I hope that you’ll notice that in the lower right-hand corner of the gallery, there’s a “button” that will allow you to view the gallery FULL-SIZE on your screen – woo hoo!



Lithuania 2009 (Vilnius University)




Arizona (Antelope Canyon)




Tenerife 2011 (Auditorio de Tenerife)

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