Grand Canyon 2010 (Sunset, Point Sublime)
Grand Canyon 2011 (Toroweap Overlook)

My favorite place in the world is the Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona.  I’ve been there ten times, I believe, over the past thirty years.  Most recently, I was there in November 2011, visiting the remote area known as Toroweap.  On my first trip there in 1979, I hiked to the bottom and camped near Phantom Ranch with a group of fellow geology students.  One time, I went to Havasupai, which I’d recommend (unfortunately, no photographs).  One of my longest and favorite trips there was in May, 2008 when I went through the Grand Canyon on a Colorado River rafting trip especially for photographers (check out the Arizona Highways Photography workshops!).  And, as is typical for me, I’m already planning my next trip…



These pictures are all links to various Grand Canyon galleries – enjoy!




Grand Canyon Raft Trip 2008 (Nankoweap Granaries)



Grand Canyon 2004 (Snow, Mather & Yaki Points)

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