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I’ve recently “published” my a photography book on iTunes.  You can find it at this link:


To view this eBook, you’ll need an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac computer that uses Apple’s iBooks software.

I’ve wanted to publish a book like this for quite some time. Over the years, I’ve watched photographer friends publish their real, physical and beautiful photography books at great expense, as in thousands of dollars just for the printing costs. However, many copies of those beautiful books remain sitting in storage areas, and these photographers have invested a great deal of money and not recouped their expenses.  (Or, as a friend in New Zealand – the copies were in his car trunk/boot, which was his sales office.) Also, I’ve worked on numerous publications and reports over my years and always felt that there was a deeper, richer way to use digital channels to distribute photographs. With the sales that I’ve seen so far, at least I feel like I’m a bit more successful with my investment.

This eBook is a fixed-layout EPUB (EPUB 3.0) created in the newest version of Adobe InDesign CC 2014.  This is a digital book and I have no intention of printing physical copies, as a great deal of the utility of the book (i.e., the hyperlinks) would be lost, as well as the ability to readily zoom in on the pages. This EPUB is specifically designed for viewing on an iPad with the iBooks software, and also looks *great* on a Mac.

Beyond the technical aspects of this eBook, it shares the extensive, awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand in its many forms – light & dark, dry & wet, high & low. New Zealand is a country that’s difficult to comprehend, just as it is similarly difficult to comprehend a desert, through a book. But, I hope that this publication, the variety of photographs and the numerous links to New Zealand travel and tourism resources will help the reader to better “experience” New Zealand, prepare for their travels in Aotearoa, and savor their own memories of travel throughout New Zealand. Using an iPad or computer as the display and reading platform for this publication creates in many viewers a WOW experience similar as to what they might experience with an equivalent landscape photography coffee table book, along with the resources to take with you on your New Zealand travels. Another exciting aspect of publishing in this medium is that younger people who view this book are taken with the use of the hyperlinks and the ability to easily navigate within the book, as well as to navigate the various New Zealand resources.

I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed my time in New Zealand, as well as my efforts to prepare this book!

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