This spring we’ve been fortunate to have our own, private, temporary home entertainment system. A female fox (vixen) took up residence and birthed a litter of three pups around the end of March, we suspect. We didn’t notice her until ~7 April 2016. Videography is not my forte, but since I have the capabilities, I decided to use it. And, as much as I tried to take good photographs, it just wasn’t working out as well as the videos.


What I’ve done on this page is to simply exhibit the various videos that I’ve taken of the foxes. Most of these videos are a minute or less. They appear in reverse chronological order, with the oldest appearing at the bottom of this page. If you’re a return visitor, this should make it easier for you to find the newer videos as they become available.


By the way, we do believe that we have fewer chipmunks running around our yard this spring…




Fox Video d 9042016


Fox Video c 9042016


Fox Video b 9042016


Fox Video a 9042016


Fox Video h 7042016


Fox Video g 7042016


Fox Video f 7042016


Fox Video e 7042016


Fox Video d 7042016


Fox Video c 7042016 (and, yes, this video is slightly out of focus)


Fox Video b 7042016


Fox Video a 7042016



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