Thank you for clicking through to learn more about the 2014 Celier Xenon IV Gyrocopter that I have for sale. The asking price is $80,000.

I purchased this gyrocopter from my CFI and the builder, Chris Lord (RIP), in the spring of 2016. This is a wonderful gyrocopter and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed flying it over the past several years. Due to COVID, I’ve not (yet) been able to update the condition inspection; the awesome mechanic that helped to maintain it was forced by COVID to find more consistent aircraft maintenance work elsewhere.

This Xenon IV is in great shape and flies like a dream! It’s absolutely thrilling to fly it over Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest. You don’t have quite the visual range of an open cockpit gyrocopter, but it’s a lot warmer flying, particularly in the spring and fall.

In the time that I’ve had it, I’ve replaced the right door and, most recently, the engine cover. The current manufacturer’s engine cover isn’t quite the same as Celier’s, only because the current manufacturer pre-drills the attachment holes and they don’t align with the existing nuts. So, the engine cover looks a bit “off” where it’s secured. I have some paint that you could use to touch up those areas and a couple of others.

This gyrocopter has been hangared at Sugar Ridge (WS62) and comes with a trickle charger for you to maintain the battery when you’re not using it. The engine was replaced by Chris Lord a year or so before my purchase. The Rotax 914 Turbo has 447.9 hrs on it, while the airframe time is 498.1 hrs.

The best way to contact me regarding your interest is via email:


  • Rotax 914 Turbo, 115 HP
  • LED Front Position Lights
  • Front Spot Lights
  • Heated Seats
  • Sound proofing
  • ATR 500 Radio
  • TRT 800 Mode S transponder
  • 22 gallon fuel capacity
  • 600 lb useful load
  • Hydraulic Main Brakes
  • Tundra Tires on the rear
  • Kaspar 3 Blade prop and spinner; new Warp Drive prop ready as a replacement!
  • ADS-B in & out
  • Cabin heat
  • 12 volt accessory and 2-12 volt USB power outlets
  • Floor carpets
  • Removable passenger control stick
  • Electric pitch and trim
  • 8.6 meter rotor
  • Standard instrument cluster
  • Window vents

Image from Pilot’s door
Behind the Pilot’s seat
Behind passenger’s seat
From the passenger side
Head on view, within the hangar (sorry about the dirty window)
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