St. Clair Beach

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This post is a different from what I’ve been doing…

In March, 2013, we spent a long weekend around Dunedin, which is one of our favorite cities in New Zealand. Dunedin is a city by the sea that’s built on the hills. We had been to Dunedin a few months earlier, mostly spending a long weekend on the Otago Peninsula hiking, bird watching and watching the New Zealand sea lions and fur seals on the beaches. During this second trip, we spent a part of a day on Tunnel Beach and then spent the night in the St. Clair Beach neighborhood of Dunedin. The second day, the weather was much more overcast and rainy, and lent itself to quietly walking around and enjoying the city.

St. Clair Beach is a pleasant neighborhood that sits on the southern side of Dunedin, along the Pacific Ocean. At sometime during our New Zealand stay and looking at things to do in Dunedin, a photograph of St. Clair Beach caught my eye. Like many of the photographic opportunities that I pursue, this was a site that I really wanted to find if I could. It turns out that finding the specific location in this case was pretty easy. (Someday, I’ll write a story about a much more difficult opportunity that took me years to find – stay tuned.) All we had to do was walk down to the beach from the neighborhood and scout about for a wee bit – and there it was.

In the gallery that follows, there’s really only a single subject – an abandoned pier (pilings) in the water. It’s fun to work with these types of situations and get all that you can out of them. In photographic parlance, we “work” a scene or situation to extract a variety of photographs from the one scene and moment. In this gallery, in addition to several different photographs, I’ve also treated some of the same photographs in different ways. One photograph of the scene is in color, a second version is converted to black & white, and finally the black & white version is converted to sepia. As you can guess, then, this particular gallery might be sort of monotonous – or is it?

As you view this gallery, I’d suggest that you be aware of how these very similar photographs make you feel, how the different treatments change the mood of the photograph and of the photograph’s viewer – you.

I hope that you enjoy this different presentation – full screen if you can and want!

43 N MSN signing off…

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