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Green Photography

As a professional photographer who derives a great deal of his income and pleasure from photographing nature and landscapes, the environment and my impact on it are extremely important to me.  All of my life,   I’ve been an environmentalist, and my college degrees are generally in environmental sciences.  I’m not a perfect environmentalist – I use petroleum products, I have a larger carbon footprint than I wish I did, I fly a few times a year and take some long car trips for my work, and so on.  But, I’m trying!


Towards this end, I do try very hard to be an environmentally sensitive person and live carefully so that I can help to pass on this beautiful world to my children and their children.  There are many ways for businesses like mine and every size to be more aware of my environmental impacts and to manage and reduce these impacts.  The most straight-forward way is to prepare an “environmental management system” or an EMS.  Due to my environmental background and work on environmental issues in my past life, this is a method with which I have a reasonable amount of awareness, and I know how well it has been received by various businesses around the world.



So, I’m extremely happy to be one of the first, if not THE FIRST!, freelance photographer in the WHOLE WORLD who has prepared an Environmental Management System that is compliant with ISO14000, the International Standards Organization Environmental Management Systems Standard.  (Go ahead, “google” it and see for yourself!)  My EMS documents are available for your review upon request – please feel free to ask and to learn more.  You may click on this link to obtain a copy of my environmental policy.



By choosing to work with me or to license/purchase images through me, you’re assured that I’m working to be as environmentally conscious and respectful as possible, and that my efforts are consistent with your beliefs and helping us all to maintain and improve our beautiful planet Earth.