Wedding Photography Investment

I sincerely appreciate being considered to photograph your wedding. Listed below you will find “Package Pricing” and “A la carte pricing” options, depending upon your interests. And, if you see something in a Package that appeals to you, but would like to modify it, by all means, let’s consider the possibilities!!!


First, I hope that you’ll read and take to heart this paragraph. There are numerous wedding photographers whom you can consider, so I sincerely appreciate that you’re here, considering Illuminata Photo. I cannot compete on price with someone who just started calling themselves a wedding photographer yesterday or a family member or friend. But, I can clearly “wow” you with qualityquality of service, quality of portraits, quality of experience. I know, I feel that my artisan approach to your wedding is worth the difference in price – this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, right? I want your portraits to look exquisite and fun so that you’ll cherish these memories forever. When you look at your wedding photos and albums – today, tomorrow, next year, in a decade – I want your wedding photos to bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye and a warm glow to your heart…


Guaranteed: There’s also one other very important detail that I want to mention, and that’s my guarantee. Yes, my portraits, my wedding photography, all of my work is guaranteed! If you’re not happy, not thrilled with the portraits that you receive, the attention, the quality, then you owe me nothing. Yes, nothing. My guarantee is here for you and others to see – guaranteed. I know that you’re very likely considering other photographers, and I hope that you’ll also inquire with them about their guarantee…


Wedding Photography Package pricing:  
I offer four wedding photography packages for your consideration. As a part of each package, I will provide you secure & private website hosting so that everyone you choose can view your portraits, and all of the photographs taken with my digital cameras are provided to you on a CD/DVD at a resolution quite suitable for electronic distribution.



Illuminata Rose Wedding Photography Package

  • Engagement Photo Session

  • Eight to ten hours of wedding day coverage,Bridal portrait session, with a 16″x20″ canvas portrait,

  • twelve 8″x10″/8″x12″ portraits of your choice,

  • an 11″x14″ canvas portrait of your choice, and,

  • a $1500 wedding album credit

You save >$1500!      $3750


Illuminata Diamond Wedding Photography Package

  • Engagement Photo Session,

  • Eight hours of wedding day coverage,

  • Bridal portrait session, with a 16″x20″ canvas portrait,

  • ten 8″x10″/8″x12″ portraits of your choice,

  • an 11″x14″ canvas portrait of your choice, and,

  • a $500 wedding album credit

Most Popular!

You save >$1000!      $2500


Illuminata Gold Wedding Photography Package

  • Engagement Photo Session

  • Six hours of wedding day coverage,

  • six 8″x10″/8″x12″ portraits of your choice, and,

  • $250 wedding album credit

You save ~$500!         $1750


Illuminata Silver Wedding Photography Package

  • Four hours of wedding day coverage, and,

  • six 8″x10″/8″x12″ portraits of your choice.

You save >$100!       $1000



In addition to the above package pricing, travel will also be included, specific to your location. For weddings within Dane County, travel is included in the above price.


A la carte pricing…

My base price is about $2500, plus Wisconsin and Dane County Sales tax (5.5%), and that’s for about six hours of wedding day coverage. If you would like more or less coverage, my wedding day hourly rate is $275/hr and I adjust my time to your needs. In addition, the other major factor that I consider is driving distance from my studio to your wedding. If you’re in Dane County, Wisconsin, then the driving costs are included in the base figure.

The basic products that I provide to you after your wedding are CDs or DVDs of your digital portraits that are taken by me. I also upload a significant portion of portraits to a private, password-protected website, for you to share with family and friends.

Other items that wedding couples frequently consider and that I offer are:

Digital Albums – A new service that I’m offering is digital video albums. An example can be found at this link: Wedding Videos

Prices for this work are variable, but typically costs ~$500. With a digital album, you’ll be able to readily share your “video” with family and friends through YouTube, MySpace, Google Video and a wide variety of other video-sharing services. You’ll also have the ability to send copies to family & friends. A Digital Wedding Album can be readily distributed for your convenience and that of everyone around you. In addition, if there’s special music or audio that you’d like to have accompany your video, it’s very likely that we can also make that happen, within international copyright requirements. And, once the video is produced, it can be readily exported to a variety of formats, whether you’d like to have a small version to display on a website, or a large version for your big screen television! Please have a look at the wedding video and let’s see what we can make happen for you!

Printed Albums – prices range from $50 for a simple album of proof prints to >$3000 for unique, hard-bound printed books that cover the range of my photography at your wedding.

Basic Album: This is the type of album most frequently requested, and it consists of a simple album with photographs inserted; this is basically a proof album. Price, ~$50.

Mid-Range Albums: Here, there are a few options. The basic appearance and approach is that of a printed, hardcover book. One of the advantages of this approach is that it’s relatively easy to produce multiple quantities. As an example, a twenty-page album might contain several formal poses, as well as various informal photographs taken from your wedding day. Options here are an 8×10 album (portrait or landscape), and 13×11 landscape album. Production time requires a couple of months after your wedding, and very likely longer. I’ve used this option with clients and we were all pleased with the results. Price range from ~$200 to ~$750.

High-Quality Albums: Now, the options unfold even more – higher quality paper and different types; silk or leather covers; and, larger sizes; quantity discounts (20%); parent books, calendars and pocket books. The options here are so wide that it’s much easier to meet and discuss these, rather than to try to write about them. But one way to help you better understand these options is to view my supplier’s website: GraphiStudios Prices range from ~$500 to ~$3000.

Engagement Photo Session – My basic fee for shooting an engagement session is $150 (plus sales tax) if I also shoot your wedding, or $200 (plus sales tax) for an engagement session only.

Bridal Portrait Session – Likely, this will take place in my studio, and we’ll take our time to create a very beautiful, meaningful portrait that will last you a lifetime! And, I’ll also use this photo to help “wow!” your family! $250 if I also shoot your wedding, or $400 for a Bridal Portrait session only.